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Pegasus Airlines gets permission to use Gazipasa Airport

   Date: 2014-01-06   

Alanya, 'the Minister' does not exist" headline story titled acting on Pegasus Airlines received permission Gazipaşa time. The new generation of 26-point flying planes abroad as well as domestic flights arrival of Pegasus, Alanya joy drowned

TRANSPORTATION Maritime Affairs and News leşme Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) said in a statement yesterday by the " Gazipaşa Airport, time to make the DGCA to the applicant Pegasus Airlines aircraft to descend at the airport landing permit by completing the procedures and requirements of the simulator has been awarded "the statement said .

DGCA OF THE notice published on the official site "also apply to other entities in the simulator test and studies are in progress to complete the missing procedures, complete all the processes will be allowed to complete their subsequentflight" the statement said. Pegasus 's Gazipasa Airport flight schedule is linked not yet been finalized.

PEGASUS Airlines with 20 years experience in Turkey 's one of the most experienced and well-established private airline companies. New generation fleet of 35 Boeing 737-800 pax 189, 2 170 seat Boeing 737-400 aircraft and has a total of 43, including 6 pieces of İzair'a. In addition to domestic flights, the flight abroad, making a total of 26 points.

Gazipaşa Airport, time to make the DGCA to the applicant Pegasus Airlines received permission to land

TRANSPORTATION Maritime Affairs and News leşme Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) A statement by the Gazipaşa Airport, time to make the DGCA to the applicant Pegasus Airlines aircraft at the airport to fall simulator for the procedure and the requirements of the permit is awarded by completing the landing reported. DGCA website published on the announcement, as well as other entities that refer to the simulator test and continues to work to complete the procedures to be incomplete and complete all the processes that can be given permissions to complete the flight subsequently emphasized.

On the subject in Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ALTSO ) said in a statement, " Turkey 's a lot of time abroad in conjunction with point and the Pegasus Airlines landing traces indicating that a significant improvement in receiving Gazipasa Airport accordance with the expectations for the development of the region has made an important step has been expressed. done again, with 20 years experience said Turkey 's one of the most experienced and well-established private airline company Pegasus Airlines flights with a fleet of Turkey 's that many parts of the flight, the flight carried out abroad transferred a total of 26 points. In addition, the Gazipasa from airline transportation of the region made an important bridge connecting flights are hoping to establish said.


Flying for 20 years, Turkey 's most experienced and well-established private airline, Pegasus Airlines' fleet of 35 Boeing 737-800, two Boeing 737-400 and a total of 43 aircraft, including 6 pieces of İzair'a is located.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certificates, Pegasus , as well as TGA a credit tasyonlu OH SAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System is certified.

Pegasus Flight Destinations
Pegasus Airline, Şanlıurfa , Hatay , Nicosia, Sivas , Adana, Elazig , Samsun , Kayseri , Dalaman, Bodrum, Konya , Ankara , Antalya , Gaziantep , Izmir , Trabzon , Van, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, London, Bucharest, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Stetienne, Pristina, Munich, Stutgard, Basel, Copenhagen, Milan, Zurich, Almaty, Krasnodar, Bonn, Tehran, operates flights to Tbilisi and Nurmberg points.

dated July 16 issue of the "do not have to AlanyaMinister titled" Press, the news bulletin which the Agency's owner, Ali Sabanci, Pegasus Airlines, Gazipaşa Airport wanted to make time work for editing. Airport Manager Cengiz Aşıklı'yı managers seeking Gazipaşa Pegasus, the airport received information on capacity and other details.

On the front of which is convinced that it is REGIONPegasus , Gazipaşa 'or time to edit the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) applied. Alanya'market research, working with the Pegasus , after Aşıklı interviewed the owner of Cartier, Mustafa Kemal Tur Canfedai'ye , "Direct and international connecting flights from Sabiha Gokcen Airport would like to organize. How Potential? "He asked.

DGCA is THE time to allow the case is expected to start immediately Pegasus , every evening at 22.00 from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Gazipaşa 'or you intend to fly. Night Gazipaşa 'which will remain in the air, every morning, 07.00 to fly to Istanbul.New Alanya 's acting on the news Pegasus 's Gazipaşa 's time to take the list caused a stir. 

NEW Alanya 's July 16, 2012, issue of the " Alanya 'or' minister 'does not exist on "taking action after the news of PegasusAirlines, Gazipaşa Airport, rolled up their sleeves to organize time. Gazipaşa 'or time to edit the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) The applicant Pegasus Airlines, Alanya 'began to research the market. Pegasus 's Department of Civil Aviation to Gazipaşa Airport, confirming that an application for editing time Gazipaşa Airport Manager Cengiz Aşıklı, said application has not been approved yet. DGCA 's approval of the application, then Pegasus who will determine the dates and time schedules Asikli Airlines, said they, too, would make the necessary announcement.

Alanya Tour, the owner of Cartier, Mustafa Kemal Canfedai origin, Pegasus Airlines are looking for a manager they said.Canfedai, " Gazipaşa Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport Direct and connecting flights overseas said they wanted to edit.Alanya from Antalya Airport and the daily number of the passengers asked taşıdığımızı. Indicated that they want to edit in the early morning and evening hours flight. We have them in Alanya 's is willing to do about it, the public will occur immediately conveyed on this issue. Alanya 'lived specifying a very large number of foreigners resident, wanted to keep his hands quickly. Alanya Tourism Operators Association (ALTİD) and Turkey Travel Agents Association ( TÜRSAB ) AlanyaRegion Executive Committee of the flood (BYK) wanted to have talks with. They said they wanted to discuss with employees in the field, "he said.

Pegasus Airlines Gazipaşa Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport, every morning in regulation time Gazipaşa Airport will air every evening, also at 22.00 Gazipaşa 'learned from the fly to Istanbul. Come in the morning until the evening hoursGazipaşa Airport runway to wait for the status of the aircraft parking apron and the asking will make Pegasus Airlines,Gazipaşa is very eager for knowledge gained in the. On the other hand Gazipaşa Airport, using the number of passengers increased by 284 percent this year compared to last year. Gazipaşa According to information from airport authorities, with passenger capacity of 500 thousand per year Gazipaşa Airport, the first five months of last year's total of 44 domestic and international flight were carried out .

While one can not in the same period this year, domestic flights, 54 flights were international flights only. The first five months of last year's total of 62 passengers landed two thousand Gazipaşa Airport, in the same period this year was 7 thousand 916 passengers. Thus, the first five months of this year, compared to last year was increased from 284 per cent in the number of passengers. Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ), the procedures for the completion of large-bodied aircraft to descend from the airport Corendon , Tailwind and then finally Transavia airlines Scandinavian Airlines (SAS ) or Gazipaşa 'or had a flight permit. AK Party Antalya Deputy Mevlut Cavusoglu , he said in a statement last month ,Gazipaşa Airport flight permit from the four companies in domestic and abroad to further the application for the company said it was 8.

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